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  • Temphawk Device

What is Temphawk?

TEMPHAWK is an IoT solution developed by FOX-TECH. It combines a great sensor system with data analytics to help business owners optimize their production.

Temphawk allows its users to do environmental monitoring from the comfort of an office to the convenience of a smartphone.

Temphawk Features

Temperature and Humidity data

Get temperature readings from -40°C up to 125°C and humidity level (0 -100%).

Data reading every 10 minutes

Latest data at the palms of your hands.

Push notifications

Set alerts to your temperature and humidity levels.

Easy to Setup

Using plug-and-play functionality we cut the time required to setup.

Power Monitoring

Monitor the device's data at all times.

Multiple language supported

Temphawk's platform is supported in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese (Traditional and Simplified).

Tough Hardware

  • Our sensor is designed to operate in temperatures below -40ºC up to +125ºC. With a IP67 rating the device is protected against dust and against low pressure water jets.

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Managment Portal

We design a portal to meet your cold chain requirements. Whether it is to track your Temphawk devices or get reports from your device's data.

  • Activate your devices
  • Manage your users
  • Download your device's data report
  • Set your alerts

Login to Temphawk Portal

Mobile Apps

No matter if it's Android or iOS we got an app for it. You are able to get your device's data on the go.

Get it on Google Play

Currently supporting Android Oreo and iOS 11


Get Push Notifications

Our push notifications notify you whenever one of your Temphawk devices trigger an alert based on your alert settings.

Apple Watch Supported

Get our Temphawk notification on your Apple Watch (S1 - S3 supported).
Never miss any alert.

Sigfox Ready

The Sigfox Ready certification measures the radio performance of the device. Temphawk is Sigfox Ready with the highest Class rating, making it good for indoor and outdoor use.

If you have purchased a Temphawk device and need its product certificate you can refer to the table below.

Regions RC End Product Certificate Sigfox Partner Network
Europe, South Africa 1 P_00BE_B271_01 Link
USA, Mexico, Brazil 2 P_00BE_77FF_01 Link
Latin America (CR, ES, CO)
4 P_00BE_B9B5_01 Link

Where can you use Temphawk?

From Farm to Fork

We help you monitor the freshness of your product. No need to worry about hot days altering your products quality.


We can help optimize the operations of manufacturing facilities.


You can always deliver your product at the best temperature possible to your costumers.


Need to monitor produce or product on the go? Why not install a Temphawk device on the truck?

Green HighLights

1. Reduce Material Use

The temperature monitoring becomes paperless by providing an electronic system.

2. Low Pollution

Low energy consumption, rechargeable, and sustainable use. Our lower energy consumption has LVD certification.

3. Low Environmental Impact

Sigfox implements long range data transmission, reducing the amount of facilities the devices requires to operate.